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At the practice of Dr. Donald M. Dumais, DDS, P.C., your general dental health is our concern and specialization. We welcome new patients who are looking for a family dentist. Our practice offers all the basic dental care in general dentistry. If any of our patients require a specialist, we have the contacts to be able to refer our clients to the one that is right for the individual situation. While Dr. Dumais does not place Dental Implants, he does perform Dental Implant Restoration.

Among the services offered by Dr. Dumais are:

● Cavities and Fillings—Everyone’s favorite part of going to the dentist! Hopefully you will never require this service, but if you do you can be sure your filling will be handled with expert care. It is important you seek help at the first sign of pain to prevent a cavity from damaging the root. Should you require a filling, we offer natural-colored composites. Long gone are the days of metal in the molars. Your fillings will be all but visible!

● Cleanings—During your regularly scheduled check-up, the dentist and assistant will clean and inspect your teeth. The cleaning typically involves the scraping away of build-up and the application of polish. We will also check for any decay and gum issues. Regular check-ups will save you money down the road by preventing any serious issues from developing. Typical insurance covers bi-annual check-ups.

● Veneers and Crowns—Veneers and crowns are used for both cosmetic and health purposes. If you have a crack in the tooth, or are in need of full tooth replacement, these advanced composites will create a natural look. They are extremely durable and can last 10 years or more. Of course, we want to do everything we can to keep your natural teeth, but these are not a bad option!

● Dental Implants Restoration—If you have lost a tooth or teeth for whatever reason, Dental Implants are a new permanent solution. Dental Implants allow you retain your appearance while keeping the bone stimulated so you don’t face bone shrinkage. While Dr. Dumas does not do the placing of the Dental Implants himself, he does do the procedure for Dental Implants Restoration, after sending his patients to a specialist for the Dental Implants procedure.

● Dental Fillings—No matter how good your dental hygiene is, tooth decay seems to eventually happen to everyone. That is when dental fillings are in order to protect your tooth, your eating ability and keep yourself from pain. Dr. Dumais is an experienced professional when it comes to dental fillings. He can repair your tooth with a dental filling in a painless way that makes you as good as new. Call us if you suspect you need dental fillings.

● Root Canals—If you have a badly decayed or infected tooth, dental fillings might not be enough, and a root canal might be necessary to save the tooth. Dr. Dumais is an expert in the root canal procedure that will not just save the tooth but that will save you from great pain. Call today and let us assess whether dental fillings, a root canal or some other procedure is what you need. It may be that more simple dental filling is in your best interest, but you need the expertise of Dr. Dumais in making that decision.

We understand that many people don’t enjoy going to the dentist. That is why we will make sure that you are completely comfortable and at ease while you are sitting in our dentist’s chair.

When you choose use to be your dentist in Manchester, NH, we guarantee that you will leave with a happy and healthy smile.

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