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Dental implants in Manchester, NH are very popular! Implants have helped so many people for so many reasons. Some of our patients have had trauma in their lives or some kind of accident and need cosmetic dentistry to function as they used to. Others may not like the shape or look of their existing teeth so they choose to get a whole new set! We will have a conversation with you to discuss what your specific needs are, and then our experienced and reliable staff will assure that you get the results you are looking for!

A dental implant is a permanent solution to tooth loss. In the past, removable bridges and dentures were the only way to fill in the gaps. This option left many wanting in regards to function and aesthetics. Luckily, implants are giving people a new chance to sport a fully functional and naturally beautiful smile. A quick consultation will determine if you are a good candidate for implants, as the procedure requires a jawbone in good condition.

Some cases where dental implants have greatly improved quality of life for patients include providing dentures, replacing missing teeth, tooth root replacement, or replacing damaged teeth. In any case, we make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure that you will undergo, and we will be there with you every step of the way explaining what’s going on, and what’s going to happen next.

There are countless benefits to going the implant route. The advancements in materials used for prosthetics have made them extremely durable and natural-looking. You do not have to suffer from sunken cheeks or tooth decay any more! They are extremely comfortable and restore all of your previous function. If you are looking for permanent dentures, you will love not having to deal with the maintenance! It is like getting a new set of natural teeth!

As a practitioner of general dentistry for nearly 25 years, Dr. Dumais is an expert on all these procedures and has the experience to take care of all your dental needs.

Call us today about these and other dental care solutions.

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